We have always been among leaders

In the georgian legal community.

Our Strength:

long-term professional practice and extensive international collaboration.

Our Experience:

we have been legal counsel in numerous important and precedent-setting projects in Georgia, providing legal advice and fostering entry of numerous foreign businesses in Georgia.

Our Values:

achievment, dedication, innovation, strategy, ethics and efficiency.

ERISTAVI & PARTNERS, a leading law firm based in Tbilisi, Georgia, offers unparalleled legal representation across a comprehensive range of practice areas for both individuals and business entities.

Initially known as Eristavi Law Group, now – ERISTAVI & PARTNERS (EP) was founded by Davit Eristavi, Georgia’s leading and widely respected legal expert, who in early 2009 set the foundations for today’s well-known and highly-ranked EP law firm. Encouraged by its clients’ needs, the firm has grown to full service legal powerhouse with 20+ dedicated staff members that also provides high quality advisory services in the areas of corporate governance and crisis management. The main office resides in the heart of Tbilisi, with branch office in Batumi, Georgia.

Soon after its launch, EP received recognition as Georgia’s top law firm, while collecting other prestigious awards and acknowledgments throughout its history. For the full list of EP’s local and international achievements, please click here.

EP enjoys significant alliance network with institutions across the globe such as International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, International Chamber of Commerce, Institute of Directors and many others.

Eristavi & Partners

Ep for community

ERISTAVI & PARTNERS focuses not only on its own success; our interests lie in the overall development of the country and enhancement of interests of the community.


At EP, we are proud of our community service, which has included: a new Icon Drawing Centre for the Rustavi Prison; a fully-equipped computer room at the Avchala Juvenile Facility enabling underage detainees to learn and be certified in office software; an internship program for TSU, CSL and GIPA law students with our firm; a charity auction benefitting senior citizens over the age of 100 and orphan children with serious illnesses that collected over 30,000 Georgian Lari. On ongoing basis, employees of EP gather children toys, books, furniture and clothes to support house of “Catharsis”, charity organization, and “SOS Children's village”, orphanage organization.


Equally we try to create the best conditions for our employees, taking into consideration the work specifics. Thereofore, our dearly cherished project is EP Football Club, where we gather in an after-work football match for positive teambuilding spirit, while promoting active, healthy living.


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